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Introducing the Ultimate Cooling Solution - Our Premium Dog Cold Plates

Beat the heat with our revolutionary dog cold plates, designed with your furry friend's comfort and safety in mind. Inspired by dogs' love for cooling off on cold tiles at home, our custom-built cold plates mimic this experience, providing a refreshing oasis for your pet.

Measuring 4'x10', our cold plates offer ample space for dogs of all sizes to stretch out and chill, literally! Our state-of-the-art cold plates maintain a consistent temperature of 60-65 degrees Fahrenheit, the ideal temperature to keep your pet cool, calm, and collected, even on the hottest summer days.

A key feature of our product is the efficient cooling mechanism. The cold plate is chilled by a high-grade chiller unit, which can be conveniently installed up to 80' away. This makes the setup versatile and adaptable to different spaces, be it your home, a doggy daycare, or any other commercial setting.

Connecting the chiller and the plate are two durable hoses that transport the cooling agent, ensuring your cold plate stays consistently refreshing. These hoses can be run inconspicuously in a chase or underground, maintaining the aesthetic integrity of your space. Importantly, there is no electricity applied to the plate, making it a safe lounging spot for your pets.

The result? A safe, cool, and comfortable haven that your dog will absolutely love.

Invest in your pet's comfort and safety with our innovative dog cold plates, the ultimate solution to ensure your four-legged friends stay cool and happy, no matter the heat.

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