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Premium, Durable Doggy Daycare Equipment 

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 Welcome to Bark Park Equipment Company

One-stop solution for high-quality, American-made doggy daycare equipment. Crafted with love in our Houston fabrication shop, our innovative products result from years of hands-on experience in dog care, ensuring the highest safety, durability, and fun standards.

Our Star Products:

Dog Cold Plates

Mimicking the refreshing feel of a cold tile floor, our dog cold plates offer a cool retreat for your four-legged friends in the heat. Each 4'x10' plate is kept at a pet-friendly 60-65 degrees Fahrenheit by a remote chiller, connected only by two inconspicuous hoses. Designed with safety in mind, our cold plates require no electricity, making them the perfect cooling solution for your pets.

Durable Pooper Scoopers

 Say goodbye to flimsy, short-lived pooper scoopers. Our fully-welded, all-aluminum pooper scoopers are built to last and stand up to the demands of a bustling doggy daycare. 


Bubble Cannons

 Inject some interactive fun into your doggy daycare with our bubble cannons. This stationary, weather-proof unit shoots large amounts of foam for dogs to frolic in. With adjustable timing settings, it's never been easier for your staff to engage and entertain their canine clients.

Experience the difference of our reliable, tested, and homegrown Houston dog care products. Explore our range today and elevate your doggy daycare experience.

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